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ARCHIVE: 15th edition of the xplore Berlin Festival


Thanks to all of you who made this xplore weekend so incredibly exciting! We would like to thank all our presenters, our participants and our fabulous and versatile xplore team for their respective contributions, which have made this intensively stimulating xplore Berlin 2017 Festival so extraordinary.

See you at the next xplore Berlin Festival on July 26th+27th+28th, 2019

The Continuity of Sexual Freedom in a Once Liberal City
xplore Berlin 2018 - Review by Jeanne Philippe

The Transformative Power of the Erotic
xplore Berlin 2018 - Review by Karina Kehlet Lins



Very entertaining RADIO PODCAST by Kuechenradio about xplore Berlin 2017 online now! With 12 interviews english/ german of xplore participants.
A video of Felix' lecture/ performance (The Living Room Tour) is online now: CREATING SEX POSITIVE SPACES (BERLIN - May 12, 2018)

A full length video of MESSIAH GAME (2005) is on line now. It is probably the most radical confrontation with the theme of S&M, live on a theatre stage. A dance performance choreographed by Felix Ruckert.

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The xplore Berlin Festival takes place at
Bessemerstr. 2-14  -  D-12103 BERLIN-Schoeneberg/Tempelhof

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