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Sarah-Aleihsa moves in the complex worlds between motherhood, community project and her exploration of alternative relationship concepts and her own creative expression in the world. In her studies of cultural sciences she put her main emphasis on gender, body and power. She understands sexuality and love relations as moments that construct society. They create, divide and construct human beings. She believes in long fulfilling relations where the individual’s own desires and visions remain vivid and autonomous. This is how the “Anchor” came about.


Philipp holds a PhD in social movement research. Through his own queer practice, he studies the interface between manhood, partnership and social change. With his partner Sarah-Aleihsa he puts forward the question of how free and voluptuous sexuality can be experienced in safe and protected ways.





In seafare, an anchor is a large, heavy hook that holds a ship in position on a long leash or chain. Also in the oceans of open relationships, we move in the sometimes stormy seas of encounter, group play and orgies. As we enter these spaces with our partners, we can experience how our relations anchor us, give us support and hold us in position. In our workshop we invite you to enter play unrestrained and at the same time give anchor or be anchored. You will feel weight and also lightness; feel how partnership and freedom can liase in conscious ways. In this way we explore the complex world in between closeness and distance. Many times, sexual freedom is thought in contrast to love relations and security. Our take on this discrepancy is to bring together the longing for freedom and the longing for warmth and security. What happens when we follow our spontaneous desires while we are seen, held and protected by our partners?


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ARCHIVE: 15th edition of the xplore Berlin Festival


Thanks to all of you who made this xplore weekend so incredibly exciting! We would like to thank all our presenters, our participants and our fabulous and versatile xplore team for their respective contributions, which have made this intensively stimulating xplore Berlin 2017 Festival so extraordinary.

See you at the next xplore Berlin Festival on July 26th+27th+28th, 2019

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Very entertaining RADIO PODCAST by Kuechenradio about xplore Berlin 2017 online now! With 12 interviews english/ german of xplore participants.
A video of Felix' lecture/ performance (The Living Room Tour) is online now: CREATING SEX POSITIVE SPACES (BERLIN - May 12, 2018)

A full length video of MESSIAH GAME (2005) is on line now. It is probably the most radical confrontation with the theme of S&M, live on a theatre stage. A dance performance choreographed by Felix Ruckert.

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